all things are possible with God

all things are possible with God
With allusion to MATTHEW xix. 26 (AV) ..with God all things are possible; cf. HOMER Odyssey x. 306 θεoí δέ τε πάυτα δύáνανται, with the gods all things can be done.

1694 P. A. MOTTEUX tr. Rabelais’ Pantagruel V. xliii. Drink..and you shall find its taste and flavor to be exactly that on which you shall have pitched. Then never presume to say that anything is impossible to God.

1712 C. MATHER Letter 22 Nov. (1971) 117 However, take it again; all things are possible with God.

1826 L. BEECHER Letter 11 June in Autobiography (1865) II. viii. Sometimes it seems as if persons had too much..intellect to be converted easily. But all things are possible with God.

1965 M. SPARK Mandelbaum Gate vi. It would be interesting, for a change, to prepare and be ready for possibilities of, I don’t know what, since all things are possible with God and nothing is inevitable.

1971 ‘S. CHANCE’ Septimus and Danedyke Mystery (1973) iii. 31 ‘All things are possible—but some are not very likely. As the Apostle should have said, but didn’t.’

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